All the attention of the whole Esports League of Legends community is drawn to Barcelona, where from 8 to 11 December another championship for the stellar players from the whole world within All-Star is held. Unfortunately, this time the tournament will be held without CIS representatives: last week our team didn't manage to win International Wild Card All-Star and get place in the global tournament. But there was time when almost the whole European team at All-Star consisted of Gambit players, particularly All-Star Shanghai 2013.

Three years ago format of the tournament was a bit different: now All-Star is held at the end of the year, during the off-season, when there are no regular professional games, so it actually is no more than show, but back to 2013 a lot depended on the victory at All-Stars. The tournament was held in May, and only five big regions participated: North America, Europe, China, Korea and Southeast Asia (to which at that time Taiwan still belonged).

The teams played ordinary five vs five matches on Summoner's Rift. Apart from that, the competition was help to find out the strongest player in each out of four lines, AD Carry and Support played in a pair. Getting to the four of the strongest squads at All-Star guaranteed the straightforward strongest teams' of these regions advancing to the quarterfinals of the World Championship. What is more, the winner got the right to invite one more team to the championship. In other words, fans in behalf of their region were to assemble the strongest possible line-up.

Europe demonstrated unwavering faith in the skill level of Gambit Gaming players, having voted for four representatives of our team at once: Diamondprox, Alex Ich, Genja and Edward. We are so grateful to everyone, who gave their voices for our players! Unfortunately, the rule limiting the number of participants from one team already acted then, however, three teammates were allowed to play, not two as it is now. As the outcome of this rule, Genja, being the player who, from Gambit representatives, got the least number of votes, was replaced with the player, who took the second place in the voting for the ADC position – yellowpete from Evil Geniuses. The final line-up, which was to defend the honor of Europe, was as follows: sOAZ, Diamondprox, Alex Ich, yellowpete and Edward.

On paper the team seemed to be great but at the tournament itself something went wrong: maybe the problems in communication or the lack of trainings were to blame, but European team first lost to Korea, which subsequently won the All-Star 2013 and received an additional slot at Worlds, and then in the Losers Bracket they gave up to North America.

Nevertheless, we were close to win the competition among the junglers, Diamondprox showed the great level of play and advanced to the finals, where he met with his principled opponent inSec. In the decisive match they played special for both of them champion, Lee Sin.

Unfortunately Danil wasn't able to win, nevertheless the spectators got what they expected: an impressive gameplay, where the players showed the best of their possibilities. Let it be that All-Star tournament is no more that serious and the players fight not in common mode, but whatever it is, the core remains the same, to present to public entertaining and exciting games with their favorite players.