Regular season of regional leagues ended in summer, Worlds finished last weekend, ranked season closes in just a few days - seems like LoL fans should fall into hibernation. But that’s not the case, as it’s time for IEM qualifiers, a major international tournament that our team has won multiple times.

IEM VII Global Challenge Katowice, which took place in January of 2013, was for a very long period the last time when a Western team has managed to take down Koreans in BoX series. That team was Gambit, who, against all odds, sent both Azubu teams (who later became CJ Entus) "DOMOI". But few people remember that we were just a step away from not qualifying for playoffs at all.

Coming into the final match of the group stage, Gambit had a score of 0-2. Nevertheless, the team still had a chance to advance to the next stage as long as: Curse loses to Azubu Blaze and Gambit wins against MYM. Not only that - we had to win quickly. The thing is that for a number of reasons teams didn’t play additional tiebreaker games back then, and it was time rating that decided who advanced further. In other words, in a situation where three competitors (Gambit, MYM and Curse) had equal scores, duration of games between these teams played a decisive role.

Gambit vs Meet Your Makers and Curse vs Azubu Blaze were happening at the same time. Guys realized they needed to win quickly, so they picked strong early game champions and were not afraid to take risks. In the end, they were rewarded for it, as they won the game in 26 minutes and 16 seconds. But this victory wasn’t all that they needed, and they still had to go through the most thrilling part - waiting for the other match to finish and for referees to say their final word.

Just a couple of minutes could have prevented us from having one of the most prominent "West vs East" series. Clean sweeps against Azubu Blaze and Frost outshine such small victories, but without them we couldn’t have achieved such a remarkable accomplishment.

And no wonder that when answering what victory was the most memorable, Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov said that he would never forget winning against MYM, as they were fighting not only against the Polish team on its domestic stage, but time itself on top of it.