Less than 25 hours from now the final stage of LCS EU Spring Promotion 2014 will kick off in Cologne. Three challenger teams who faced a rigorous competition over the past five months are one step away from becoming pros and making it into LCS. There is only one obstacle left - they have to overcome one of the LCS teams who didn't manage to get a top five placement in the previous season. Let's find out who according to Edward will join the ranks of Gambit, Fnatic, Lemondogs, Alternate and Alliance.

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Poland MYM [1:3] Europe CW
December 13th, 21:00 CET
Both teams are far from being new, though one of them hasn't had a roster change for the past three years, whereas the second one lost two of its key players, but Wolves didn't get weaker in spite of it. From the beginning of this Summer they have been demonstrating a consistently good performance and have earned the right to be considered the strongest challenger team, having won several titles by now. Even though Poles can deliver when it matters, it won't be enough to overcome CW.

Europe SK [3:1] Europe SHC 
December 14th, 21:00 CET
Both teams changed their rosters several times in a pursuit of a missing link. SK did very poorly at IEM Cologne, having lost to CW in the semi-finals, but afterwards they overcame KMT at DH Winter finals. Unfortunately, it was their only decent opponent at that tournament. SHC have a couple of veteran LoL players, who have been playing for a very long time and have consistently been among the top soloq players. But I cannot say that they stand apart from other challenger teams.

Europe NiP [3:2] or [2:3] Poland KMT
December 15th, 21:00 CET
Once again we have a stable Polish team that occasionally scored top three placements at European tournaments and NiP who changed their roster multiple times. NiP did horribly at IEM Cologne and I honestly don't know whether they can overcome KMT. I personally would like them to win, but KMT is a serious team, therefore the winner will be determined after  the conclusion of a fifth game of this match.