ESEA Premier Season 25: Gambit starts the season playing against North Academy and PRIDE Our guys are beginning to compete at ESEA Premier Season 25, where today on June 14 they will have their first matches against North Academy and PRIDE.

Championship organizers can't endlessly give the opportunity to win the quotas for ESL Pro League as this tournament takes place only twice a year, whereas ESEA Premier - three times a year. That's why this time our guys will fight with 23 teams for getting to the LAN finals. The teams will perform under usual for ESEA round robin, where all the teams play with each other once. Invites for ESL Pro League will take place in the next, twenty sixth ESEA Premier Season.

19:00 CEST - Cis Gambit vs Dania North Academy @ de_nuke

20:00 CEST - Cis Gambit vs Polsha PRIDE @ de_overpass