Today within ESEA Premier Regular Season 24 our guys will meet ALTERNATE aTTaX. The German team has already played eleven matches at the championship and six turned out successful for them. 

ALTERNATE aTTaX is a famous Esports organization, who's been dealing with Esports for years. A lot of Germans, who're currently playing for either mousesports or BIG, have represented the name of this multigaming. At the end of the last year ecfN and oskarish joined the roster. From that moment the team has its stable line-up. The last time our guys sorted things out with ALTERNATE aTTaX was at the qualifiers for DreamHack Winter. Back then Gambit managed to finish the meeting with two won maps. There was a strenuous fight on Cobblestone but we won 16-13. Mirage went without any difficulties for Gambit, they won it 16:4. Today the teams are meeting again, don't miss the match at 19:00 CET!