Today Gambit played in the quarterfinals of ESEA Premier Season 24. During the playoffs our guys faced BIG as the opponent. In that bo3 match the teams were to find out who will advance to the semifinals and go on fighting for the main prize - the slot for ESL Pro League.

The leader was supposed to be defined on Nuke, Cache and Overpass. On the first map, which was our guys' pick, Gambit had absolute advantage, apart from their finishing playing for T side with double advantage, in the second half they didn't let the opponent comeback. Battle on Nuke finished 16:7 in our favor!

Confrontation on Cache was much the same, so the first half finished 10:5! But who could imagine that such an easy 2:0 victory could be damaged by the excellent defense of the Germans. The rival managed to take over 11 rounds for CT side and won their pick 16:13.

The same situation was on the decisive map. Our guys failed to realize the advantage, acquired in the first half of the match. BIG snatched the victory on Overpass with the minimal gap 16:14. Unfortunately, Gambit suffered a defeat on two maps and being so close to the semifinals they are to eliminate from ESEA Premier Regular Season.