Today within ESEA Premier Season 24 our guys will play with the top-2 Turkish team. The results of both Gambit and ex-DarkPassage are currently almost on a par, they played 15 and 13 matches, on our count there are 9 victories and the Turkish line-up won 7 times.

From the 1st of February ex-DarkPassage were left without their former organization's support and recently one of the best players, Calyx, left the roster. TuGuX, who is the only German representative in the team, came in to substitute him. The greatest achievement the roster has ever got, is still 5-8 place at WESG 2016 World Finals. Today Gambit for the first time will fight with this Turkish team, so don't miss the opportunity to observe the debut meeting of the teams at 20:00 CEST!