Today Gambit played the last group stage match at ESEA Premier. As their 16th opponent they faced ex-DarkPassage.

The confrontation of two teams took place on Inferno. Our guys began the match with straightforward taking over of several rounds, Gambit held the initiative and the opponent could hardly do anything with that. The guys took 11 rounds for CT side! After the side switch Gambit let ex-DarkPassage get no more than one round. We easily went over top 2 Turkish team and won the match 16:5! In ESEA Premier Regular Season HObbit was stable to show good statistics and this match was the same: he made 25 kills per 8 deaths!

According to the results of 16 meetings from the group stage our guys have acquired 10 victories and 6 defeats. Let us recall that those eight squads having the biggest number of wins will advance to the next stage of the championship. Now Gambit is in the top 8 of the tournament table and has all the chances to get to the playoffs. However, the names of those lucky ones, who will move further, will be known never earlier than all the teams play their matches.