A famous in CIS streamer and author of numerous guides Aleksandr "Zak" Shcherbakov joins Gambit CIS League of Legends squad as an analyst. Aleksandr started working with the team at the end of March and played an invaluable role during the preparation for LCL Challenger Series playoffs as well as LCL Promotion Tournament.

Aleksandr "Zak" Shcherbakov:
"First of all, I want to say that it is an honour and a big responsibility for me to work together with such a legendary team. It was Gambit who I started following LoL eSports in the first place for. Now we have a difficult, but an accomplishable goal. The team has a lot of potential that lies in the mix of individual proficiency, experience, energy and thirst for victories. My job as an analyst is to help to reveal this potential to its true level."

Our goal is to qualify for Worlds, and in order to get there we need to win not only LCL Summer split, but also International Wildсard Tournament. Considering how strong the rivalry in Wildcard-regions is becoming, we decided to hire not only a head coach, but an analyst as well. By the way, our head coach will be announced shortly!

Gambit CIS LoL:
Shvecia Alexander "BloodFenix" Hallberg – Top Lane
Rossia Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov – Jungle
Rossia Anton "Fomko" Fomkin – Mid Lane
 Alexei "LeX" Chitac – AD Carry
Rossia Viacheslav "Archie" Egorov – Support
Rossia Aleksandr "Zak" Shcherbakov - Analyst