The legendary jungler Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov will be representing Gambit CIS LoL during the following three weeks. Last week Danil was dismissed from participation in EU LCS due to an inability to acquire a work visa. He justified his decision to temporarily join Gambit Gaming as a desire to maintain his in-game performance. Our young roster on the other hand could not deny an opportunity to exchange experience with a player of his calibre.

In the end of February an official commission will take place in Berlin to determine whether professional eSports players are eligible for work visas. We hope that the commission will take a step towards recognition of eSports industry and will allow Diamond as well as other non-residents of EU to participate in a European LoL circuit. In case this bill does not pass, Diamondprox will consider an option to join Gambit Gaming on a full-time basis.

Nikita "FatoNN" Boborenko has not passed a trial period and will be replaced by Aleksandr "tsarcanya" Siniakov who will assume a substitute position.

Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov:
"In light of the circumstances, I am able to compete only in Russia (at least this month), therefore I decided that returning to Gambit to help a new roster on their way to LCL is the correct decision for me. It seems like I can't move on without Gambit, therefore I am glad to announce that I'll be representing my original team for a certain amount of time."

Gambit LoL CIS:
Shvecia Alexander "BloodFenix" Hallberg – Top Lane
Rossia Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov – Jungler
Rossia Anton "Fomko" Fomkin – Mid Lane
 Alexei "LeX" Chitac – AD Carry
Rossia Viacheslav "Archie" Egorov – Support
Rossia Aleksandr "tsarcanya" Siniakov – Jungler, Substitute