Nikita "saetia" Burlakov leaves position of head coach of Gambit CIS squad. After 2 months of cooperation the team is still far away from the level which is required to compete for the first place in the LCL. Although changing head coach in the middle of the split is a very risky decision, we have no choice but to make it, since our main goal is to participate in the international tournaments, and to do that we have to take first place in the play-offs of the Summer Split.

At the moment we are holding try-outs for a position of head coach. The final decision is to be taken next week, and for the time being coach’s functions will be performed by Aleksandr "Zak" Shcherbakov, team’s analyst.

Gambit CIS roster:
Shvecia Alexander "BloodFenix" Hallberg – Top Lane
Polsha Bartosz "Babunia" Dzikowski - Jungle
Rossia Anton "Fomko" Fomkin – Mid Lane
 Alexei "LeX" Chitac – AD Carry
Rossia Viacheslav "Archie" Egorov – Support
Rossia Aleksandr "Zak" Shcherbakov - Analyst