Gambit CIS will enter LCL Summer split with a new Head Coach - Nikita "saetia" Burlakov. saetia will assume his new responsibilities in the beginning of May, once our team begins preparing for an upcoming competition. Nikita's debut as a Head Coach was a success - in the Spring split Team Empire for the first time in its history has reached the final of the main CIS league.

Nikita "saetia" Burlakov:
"I am obviously excited to work with such an eminent organization as Gambit. I believe that our co-operation will be beneficial for both parties and we will be able to show up during the Summer split of LCL. I will do my best to live up to the expectations of the players, as well as the fans".

Our goal is to qualify for Worlds, and in order to get there we need to win not only LCL Summer split, but also International Wildсard Tournament. Considering how strong the rivalry in Wildcard-regions is becoming, we decided to hire not only a head coach, but an analyst as well.

Gambit CIS LoL:
Shvecia Alexander "BloodFenix" Hallberg – Top Lane
Rossia Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov – Jungle
Rossia Anton "Fomko" Fomkin – Mid Lane
 Alexei "LeX" Chitac – AD Carry
Rossia Viacheslav "Archie" Egorov – Support
Rossia Nikita "saetia" Burlakov - Head Coach
Rossia Aleksandr "Zak" Shcherbakov - Analyst