Gambit eSports are glad to present you new Summer 2016 Collection, as well as a new version of our internet store. New collection includes six new fan T-shirts:

Gambit CS:GO
(М & F)
Gambit Teemo (М & F)
Gambit White Skull (М & F)
Gambit Black Skull (М & F)
Gambit Werewolves (М & F)
Gambit DOMOI (М)

Apart from new designs we now offer T-shirts tailored spefically for ladies. They differ from male versions not only in terms of size, but also in terms of fit.

Slim fit T-shirts for Dosia's ladies

While working on our new collection, quality was our top priority. All T-shirts are made of high-quality 100% cotton, whereas most appropriate printing techniques were chosen for different prints. All images are unique and were created by our in-house designers.

Most optimal printing techiniques for different prints

We hope that all of you can find a T-shirt that you like and we’ll see you rooting for Gambit in our fan apparel at upcoming tournaments!