Gambit Esports Club starts cooperation with eSPORTconf Russia. Gambit Esports CEO Konstantin "groove" Pikiner will be in the role of speaker at eSPORTconf Russia 2016. The topic of his report is as follows: "The role of a professional sports club in the modern Esports. To build a team. Myths and Reality".

The conference will be held on the first of December, in the Mercure hotel in Moscow. The first this kind of event in Russia is devoted to attraction and integration of local businesses into the international market of Esports. Among the speakers there will be specialists from bookmakers, lawyers and producers of Internet projects - from the fields of gambling, law and producers of Internet projects.

The direction of Gambit Esports Organization presumes that Esports industry has achieved growth and extent that allow attracting big business partners, and thereby this can give a new push for the gaming competition development.  

Konstantin Pikiner started his Esports career in 2002 as a professional player in team emax.

From 2003 to 2009 being a member of Esports Club he went all the way from the team captain to the coach, and subsequently to the position of Project Manager.

Simultaneously Konstantin worked as an editor of the magazine "Cybersport", and also participated in the filming of the movie "Na Igre" and "Na Igre 2" as the main consultant.

In 2011 and 2012 he led Moscow Five multigaming organization. From 2013 he holds the position of CEO of Gambit Esports Club.