In October this year Gambit Esports organization has decided to move CS:GO team's training camp from Saint Petersburg to Kiev. Early as this week Gambit CS:GO players are proceeding to prepare for the nearest tournament at the new gaming house.

Our marksmen have been based in "The Northern Capital" for eleven months since the team was established in January this year. During the European tour of the team the organization was busy with the search and arrangement of an appropriate country house in Kiev, which would meet all the modern standards of professional teams.

The primary purpose is improving the competitiveness of the team internationally and getting to the cherished top 10 world ranking.  To reach this goal the team is provided with living and training conditions no way giving in the team’s direct rivals.

What is more, moving to Kiev will help to adjust the interaction of the organization's head office with its CS:GO unit, as Gambit Esports headquarters is located nowhere but in the capital of Ukraine. It means that our fans can count not only on higher results but on more detailed gamers' daily and professional life coverage as well.

Fan meet
Let us remind that as soon as this Saturday all the Kiev fans of Gambit team have an opportunity to see favorite players personally. Come to meet our guys at "3ona51" gaming store ("Kiev CyberSport Arena", Vadyma Hetmana St, 13). There'll be a lot of photos, autographs and prizes!

DreamHack Winter
The nearest tournament is on approach. Dreamhack Winter, the festival already managed to become not only a tradition, but also a cult, will take place from 24 to 27 November in Swedish city Jönköping. Esports competitions will be held as a part of this event. $100,000 will be raffled at the CS:GO tournament and Gambit team, became one of the online qualifier winners, will compete for the prize as well.

The guys are tuned to the active work on errors they made during the previous tournaments. There is plenty of time to analyze everything but a lot of work to be done as well as in Sweden Gambit will face tough opposition: Dignitas, Cloud9, GODSENT, OpTic, Flipsid3 and others. It's noteworthy that the Danes and the Americans are among the top 5 teams in the world according to HLTV!