We would like to remind that due to unsatisfying results that Gambit CS:GO squad showed in the first half of 2016, our organization decided to relieve Alexandr "beast" Yakovlev from head coaching duties. Since the beginning of August his responsibilities are temporarily assumed by our analyst, Rustam "TsaGa" Tsagolov. Considering all of the above, we are opening tryouts for a position of a Head Coach for our CS:GO squad.

Scouting and developing players for the primary and secondary teams
Creating and implementing programs for individual and team practice
Developing tactical plans for the upcoming matches together with team’s analyst
Keeping accountance of players’ practice
Participation in official games, scrims, team meetings and game discussions
Continuous development of professional expertise
Performing other functions assigned by the management of the organization

At least 25 years old
Excellent knowledge of CS:GO and it’s competitive scene
Higher education
Fluency in Russian and English
A degree and/or work experience in the area of sports psychology or personnel management is a bonus

Send your applications to coach@gambit.gg until October 11th. An application should include your CV, motivational letter and extra materials that would allow us to assess your knowledge of the strategic aspects of the game.