Gambit Esports is glad to announce the return of a legendary Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov. As a captain Danil will lead Gambit's squad in LoL Continental League. The roster will be rebuilt from scratch based on his recommendations.

Danil Reshetnikov has signed a contract with Gambit Esports Club until the end of 2017 season. We hope that our union will be fruitful and will last for many years.

For many fans Gambit and Danil are a single whole, and it is difficult to imagine one without the other, since Diamondprox has spent most of his career representing Gambit Esports. Together with us he won two World Championship titles, five European Championship titles, and was presented with two Intel Extreme Masters MVP awards.

Many analysts consider Danil as one of the most influential League of Legends players of all time. The style of play he propagated in 2012 is still relevant nowadays, and other professional players followed his innovations for several years.

Gambit's Legacy League of Legends roster is one of the most cult teams in the history of the game. The five-man squad featuring Danil won the hearts of thousands of fans due to its charisma and countless achievements. It is the only Western team that for several years challenged the strongest clubs from South Korea.

Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov on his return to Gambit Esports:

"I've wandered around the Esports scene long enough. Having spent this year playing abroad I came to a realization that returning to Gambit is a better option for me compared to joining a mid-table NA LCS team. I feel I can make a bigger impact in the organization that shares my outlook, where deep mutual respect is in place. So I'm going to take on the responsibility of producing memorable results from inside the region my career stems from. Proudly, under the banner of Gambit Esports!"

Konstantin "groove" Pikiner, Gambit Esports CEO:
"Danil can be considered one of the founders of Gambit Esports. He contributed a lot to the development of our club. I sincerely believe that under his leadership Gambit will be able to achieve outstanding results. As for us, we will do our best to bring back the glory to our League of Legends division. Diamond, welcome back home!"