Even though our playoffs run is already over, we will be following the remaining games in both LCS regions. With semifinals unfolding over this weekend, we want to share our predictions with you. Do you agree with us?

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Edward on TSM vs TiP: "TiP's performance is very solid and it helps them to overcome teams that are on their level or slightly weaker, but I think TSM are slightly better as a team and I am curious how this BO5 will unfold. I think TSM will win, but it won't be easy."

Betsy on C9 vs TL: "I am pretty sure C9 will win. Their teamwork is extremely good and they have been playing together for a very long time. Besides, I always thought that this team is the best in NA."

P1noy on Fnatic vs H2k: "I think it will be a fairly close series, but I think Fnatic will have an edge going into this series and they will win 3-1. They had more time to prepare for their opponent and they had a luxury of seeing them perform in a BO5 series last week."

Leviathan on SK vs UoL: "SK is a strong team that has a really good foundation of play, and UOL is a team that will play unpredictable strategies and champions. SK will win if they are able to analyze the enemy compositions on the fly."