Yesterday Gambit LoL secured its tenth victory in a row in the summer split of LCL and today will try to extend this streak to twelve games!

Cis Gambit: PvPStejos, Diamondprox, Kira, Blasting, EDward 
Rossia M19: Smurf, Reach, Lukezy, VincentVega, Likkrit 
Cis ROX: Bwipo, DimaJke, Ripi, Kinzu, Saviour

Cis Vaevictis [0:1] Cis NaVi
Cis Gambit [1:0] Rossia M19
 Cis VP [1:0] Cis ROX
Rossia Just Alpha [1:0] Cis NaVi
Cis ROX [0:1] Cis Gambit
Cis Vega [1:0] Rossia Just Alpha