Today Gambit LoL will play its tenth match at LCL Summer, where it will face Team Just Alpha. Just is one of the biggest surprises of this split thus far. It is the only team that made no roster changes during the off-season and was written off by many analysts. Having said that, Just has been a top 4 team all season long and continues to fight for a chance to advance to playoffs.

Cis Gambit Esports: PvPStejos, Diamondprox, Kira, Blasting, EDward
Rossia Team Just Alpha: BOSS, SaDJesteRRR, Marker, pooh, Max

Cis Vega [1:0] Cis Vaevictis
Rossia Just Alpha [0:1] Cis Gambit
Rossia M19 [1:0] Cis Vaevictis
Cis VP [1:0] Cis Vega
Cis NaVi [1:0] Cis ROX
Rossia M19 [0:1] Cis VP