Today Gambit LoL is going up against teams that against all predictions are currently occupying the second and the third spots in the tournament table.

Cis Gambit:
PvPStejos, Diamondprox, Kira, Blasting, Edward
Rossia Just Alpha: BOSS, SaDJesteRRR, Marker, pooh, Max
Cis Vaevictis: Dark Solece, Cboi, Ekka, Unho1y, Grisen

Rossia Just Alpha [1:0] Cis Vega
Cis VP [1:0] Cis ROX
Cis Gambit [1:0] Rossia Just Alpha
Cis VP [1:0] Rossia M19
Cis Gambit [1:0] Cis Vaevictis
Cis NaVi [1:0] Rossia M19