In an opening match of LCL Summer Week 2 Gambit LoL will face one of the outsiders. While our team is yet to lose a game, ROX are yet to taste victory.

Cis Gambit: PvPStejos, Diamondprox, Kira, Blasting, Edward
Cis ROX: Bwipo, DimaJke, Ripi, Kinzu, Antariys

Cis Gambit [1:0] Cis ROX
Cis VP [1:0] Cis Vega
Cis ROX [1:0] Cis NaVi
Cis Vaevitis [1:0] Cis Vega
Rossia Just Alpha [1:0] Cis NaVi
Rossia M19 [1:0] Cis Vaevictis