Today Gambit LoL has a chance to secure a second victory over M19. This match will take place at 16:00 CET.

Rossia Gambit: FIRees, Diamondprox, zoiren, NikSar, Archie2b
Rossia M19: Smurf, PvPStejos, Kira, VincentVega, Likkrit

Regular season: Eight teams will face each other twice in BO1 format to determine which four teams will qualify for playoffs.


Sng [1:0] Rossia ROX
Rossia M19 [1:0] Rossia Gambit
Rossia Vega Squadron [1:0] Rossia Team Just Alpha
Sng Vaevictis eSports [1:0] Sng Natus Vincere