Gambit Esports organization has decided not to participate in LCL Open Cup. Now we are still holding tryouts, concerning this our League of Legends line-up hasn’t been fully formed yet.

LCL Open Cup is a great opportunity to get valuable performance experience before 2017 season for ready-formed teams. But as we are still in the process of teaming players, that would make us take hasty decisions if we took part.

The main task for the organization is to perform successfully at LoL Continental League and related international tournaments in 2017. To reach this goal we are ready to sacrifice participating in LCL Open Cup to assemble the most decent team for the next season.

We do apologize to Gambit fans, who wanted to keep track of the team’s performance at this tournament. We hope that you treat with understanding the decision of the organization and the captain, Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov.

Danil Reshetnikov on skipping LCL Open Cup:
"What does matter for me and the organization is the team’s long-term progress. To reach this we must gather the best out of possible line-ups. Despite short offline-tournaments being so appealing to me, it’s waste of time and disrespectful towards the fans to take part in them without a decent line-up. That was the reason for us to take the decision to miss LCL Open Cup and turn all our force to gathering the team not to lose face at the most important tournament of the year, LCL".