Some of the changes got revealed in the CIS Challenger Series. The main news is a certain transformation: the last year the CIS Challenger Series was organized by StarLadder, whereas this year the second division will be run by Riot Games.

The format of the competition underwent changes as well. Only eight teams will be able to show themselves in the spring season: four best squads of the CIS Challenger Series Summer Season 2016, which apart from Just.MSI, Team Empire and Zoff Gaming consists of Gambit! Two squads, which won the qualifiers for LCL Open Cup - Krutyye bobry and Babushkiny ogurchiki (Angry Beavers, and Grandma's pickles). And two more teams from the open qualifiers, which will be held from 13 to 15 and from 20 to 23 of January.

The format of the Series is done in such a way that the group stage goes first and then the strongest teams meet in playoffs. Quartets will be divided in following way: Just.MSI, Zoff Gaming, Krutyye bobry and the winner of the first qualifier will form Group A; Team Empire, Gambit CIS Academy, Babushkiny ogurchiki and the winner of the second qualifier will form Group B.

Prize fund in the CIS Challenger Series came as a pleasant news. Previously, the teams could have the award for their dedication and good play only at LoL Continental League, but in 2017 the squads in the CIS Challenger Series have the opportunity to fight for the prize fund of 2 million rubles. The winners can take their honestly earned 500 000 rubles, the second place will receive 300,000 rubles, and the third place will take 100 000 rubles.

The broadcast of the CIS Challenger Series will be led from the Riot Games studio in Moscow. And to provide the teams with comfortable and equal conditions, Promotion Tournament will be held offline.

Expect more news from us in the near future. Gambit is working on gathering a League of Legends squad for participation in the CIS Challenger Series!