Greek resort Mykonos is hosting the first ESG Tour tournament. Gambit's first opponent is the Danish team Heroic.

Our latest encounter took place in April at DreamHack Austin. The match on Train went to overtime and it took us three of those to go over the Danes. Both teams made roster changes since then: fitch replaced Zeus on Gambit, whereas Heroic added es3tag to fill the void left by the departure of valde. The Danes have been performing well lately: 5 wins in 8 games at ESL Pro League, second place at DreamHack Open Atlanta and a victory at ELEAGUE Premier Qualifier.

Our match against Heroic is scheduled for 18:00 CEST. The team that comes out on top will play in the winner's match today at 21:20 CEST.

Kazakhstan Gambit: AdreN, fitch, mou, HObbit, Dosia
Dania Heroic: 
MODDII, Snappi, es3tag, JUGi, niko