Gambit got eliminated from EPICENTER Saint Petersburg with a group stage exit. Our team ended up in Group A alongside Brazilia SK, Europe FaZe and Polsha

In the first round we faced FaZe, who won two events in a row without dropping a single map. Gambit managed to stop FaZe’s map streak by beating the European team on Train - 19:16, but failed to win the series: FaZe won on Inferno in a convincing fashion - 16:9, and snatched the victory in this match in the second overtime on the final map - 22:20 on Cache.

Having lost to FaZe Gambit fell down to the lower bracket to face Interestingly, the map pool in this series mirrored our first match of the tournament: Inferno, Train and Cache. Moreover, it concluded in the same fashion: we managed to secure a victory on Train - 16:13, but lost on Inferno - 6:16, and Cache - 13:16.

Two losses during the group stage of the tournament meant that Gambit was eliminated from EPICENTER with a 7th place finish and $10,000 in tournament earnings.