With mousesports withdrawing from ROG Masters Gambit came into this tournament as a clear favorite to hoist the championship cup. Anything but a victory would be considered a disappointment.

Gambit managed to top group A by defeating 5Power Club and Splyce, though against the later it came down to the tiebreaker. Nevertheless, it allowed us to skip the quarterfinal stage and advance directly to the semis.

Group stage results:
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:2] Kitai 5Power @ de_overpass
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:13] Kitai 5Power @ de_cache
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:19] USA Splyce @ de_mirage
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:8] USA Splyce @ de_nuke
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:10] USA Splyce @ de_mirage

In the semifinal we faced Vega Squadron. "Sharks" upset us on a map of our choice and accumulated an eight round lead on Mirage, but cracked under pressure and allowed us to tie the series and close it out in a more than a convincing fashion on Cache.

Kazakhstan Gambit [10:16] Rossia Vega @ de_overpass
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:12] Rossia Vega @ de_mirage
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:1] Rossia Vega @ de_cache

The Chinese team faced the similar fate - TyLoo was in a position to win two maps, Overpass and Train, but failed capitalize on leads, whereas on Inferno they struggled even to get into double digits.

Grand Final:
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:14] Kitai TyLoo @ de_overpass
Kazakhstan Gambit [16:4] Kitai TyLoo @ de_inferno
Kazakhstan Gambit [19:16] Kitai TyLoo @ de_train

Final standings:
1. Kazakhstan Gambit - $117,500
2. Kitai TyLoo - $58,800
3.-4. Rossia Vega SquadronAvstralia Grayhound - $21,350
5.-6. Kitai 5Power Club & USA Splyce - $8,000