EPICENTER, one of the most prestigious CS:GO tournaments of the year, kicks off on October 24. Gambit was one of the six teams that was invited to this competition. Eight teams will clash in Saint Petersburg on October 24 - 29 for the championship title and the lion’s share of $500,000 prize pool. Our team was placed in group A alongside FaZe, SK and Virtus.pro.

Group stage format: GSL-system, BO3.

Group A schedule:
Tuesday, 10:00 CEST Brazilia SK vs Polsha VP
Tuesday, 16:00 CEST Kazakhstan Gambit vs Europe FaZe
Wednesday, 10:00 CEST Losers’ Match
Wednesday, 16:00 CEST Winners’ Match
Thursday, 10:00 CEST Decider Match