Gambit played two games during the first day of ESG Tour Mykonos.

In the first round we faced Heroic on Mirage. The Danish team was outclassed by us: we managed to get 11 rounds on T side and closed the game out 16:7. Our newcomer fitch had impactful performance once again - 23 kills and only 11 deaths.

In a parallel match one of the tournament favourites SK Gaming defeated mousesports and thus became our opponent in group A decider match.

We faced the number one ranked team on Overpass. While the final score, 16:12 in favor of SK, might not suggest a close game, it wasn't the case. The match was full of game breaking clutches and it was SK who won majority of them to edge us out.

Having lost to the Brazilians Gambit was relegated to the decider match and will face the winner of Heroic vs mousesports on Friday at 19:00 CEST.