Andrei "Timon" Gurev told us about the victory at the European qualifier for the World Championship and shared the plans for the nearest future.

- Hi, Andrei. Congratulations on the victory at the European qualifier for the World Championship! What does this achievement mean to you personally?
- Thanks! It's one of the most important victories for me. Probably this victory showed that I'm heading in the right direction and can go on making progress. I am the only CIS player in the past 7 years who managed to qualify for World Championship. It means something.

- Judging by the match results the tournament was really nail-biting - you went over both opponents in playoffs with the minimum advantage and the first place in the preliminary stage you got only thanks to goal difference. Were you nervous during the tournament?
- Once again it took me long to get going, to get used to the game. In the beginning my hands didn't listen to me, I failed some moments in closing the attacks. But gradually I was looking for a balance in the game, somewhere needed to adapt to the opponents. Generally, the groups stage went well. Speaking about playoffs, I knew everyone except for Osszen. With II_Bruma_II we played the last match in the group and then I've already felt he is a tough one, seems like the first games in the group just were bad for him. The game was close, one mistake per match for each, it was really tough to break the defense. Let's say I was lucky, still the golden goal is just a lottery. He overslept my attack and paid for that.
Nervousness is common this kind of tournaments. With time you see that you will always be nervous, even at the medium level tournaments, the main point is to gradually go over it and I cope with it  more and more often.

- The fans could see only one of your matches on stream. The moment in the first half-time of the second game was memorable for your scoring two goals and not managing to score a penalty in the span of five minutes. What match or moment is memorable for you personally?
- This very decisive match with Zimme. I didn't really like the feedback in this game, maybe because of the stream, I don't know. The first game went just average, a lot of mistakes, failed a lot of potentially dangerous attacks. In the second game I decided to change the scheme, played wider so he had more free zones. Maybe he lost the decisive match tactically.

- The qualification went under quite an interesting system. All the participants were divided into the groups with a single World Championship spot on the line in each group, so technically you had only four opponents in the fighting for the trip to the World Championship. How did you estimate your chances when got to know the draw results? Who on paper was the main opponent fighting for the spot?
- Zimme was one of the favorites but I often played online with him and all the time quite successfully. I understood that I had a shot but I needed to perform well. I managed and I'm satisfied.

- The World Championship takes place in August. How are you going to prepare for it? What tournament can we follow you at in the nearest time?
- That would be perfect to take a break now to devote all the time from July to online matches but I also need time to take part in the Russian Cup  (June 23 - 25). Will see, now there are not many announced LAN tournaments. In any case I'll try not to fall out of the practice rhythm as I did the whole year.