We talked to Gambit's new Top Laner Aleksandr "PvPStejos" Glazkov to find out his approach to another role switch and his opinion on the current meta at his position.

It's not well-known that before joining Hard Random you played in the Top Lane. And now it's the opposite, you are returning to top again. Are you glad that you're back to your initial role or are you sad because of the need to change the position which gave you an international success?
I don't take this switch as something I like or not. It's another kind of competition, which requires different skills. And each role is interesting in its own way.

How do you get used to playing top? Are you fully concentrated on individual practice in SoloQ or at the same time going through the other top players VODs?
I practice in SoloQ, sometimes watch how Korean top laners play, and as for Europeans I'm interested in Vizicsacsi.

It's been some time since you started practicing with a new line-up. Have you shared your experience in some aspects with Diamondprox or are you fully focused on your own role?
Yes, we exchange experience and opinions on different issues.

What do you think about the current top lane meta?
At the moment top lane meta is quite unique, I can't recollect anything like this before. There are a lot viable champions, it all depends on what your team needs.

J4 has recently emerged on the competitive stage. What led to it?
After Jarvan's shield mechanics got changed (added max hp % scaling) he became more durable in team fight and he's always been decent as a top laner. J4's itemization makes him a good old bruiser, kind of a character which can always be used both in SoloQ and on pro stage.

top or jungle: jungle
carry or tank top: tank
camp top or party bot: party bot
Rift Herald or Drake: Herald > Any Drake 
Top 5 top laners for Soloq: Galio, Shen, Rumble, Fiora, Kennen