LCL broadcast team interviewed Valentin "NikSar" Zimakov after Gambit's victory over Team Just Alpha on the second day of LCL Spring Week Five.

Valentin, congratulations on your victory! Tell us about your impressions, you've started to win and as you're the most emotional team member I'm interested in what you feel now.
Joy. Well, we won and that's a great pleasure for our fans. Guys, there is no need to replace FIRees, everything is okay, look Vanya is smashing everyone in 1v1. We started to perform as groove and Archie2b came into play. Everyone started to improve. We work hard and it bears fruit.

Okay, so what has changed in your line-up, in your opinion, that now you show such results?
Generally, Vanya started to kill everyone in 1vs1, Archie2и joined and work led us.. no, actually, it's strange, like, we work hard and everything like this, play a lot of scrims, we have 55-60% win rate. But there wasn't anything like, during the two-weak break there wasn't a feeling like we would stomp. And here we come and we think through all our actions and our work is coherent.

Okay, now you don’t only look like the contenders for advancing from the relegation zone, but also as the candidates for the playoffs. What do you think about your chances to get to the playoffs or your task is to stay in the League?
Our goal is to secure a win streak and advance to playoffs.