The coach of CS:GO Gambit Mikhail Blagin was interviewed by Cybersport. Kane told why the guys took such a long pause, the way the team is preparing for DreamHack Summer and what caused an unsuccessful start at ESEA Premier Season 25. 

About the team’s preparation for DreamHack Summer 2017
"First of all I’d like to say "thank you" to our fans, this text is firstly for them. Your support and opinion are very important for us, that’s why we’d like to shed some light on the current situation. Having performed a good job in the USA (the first and second places), we decided to take a break. The rest took a bit longer for different reasons, including forced ones, connected with the guys doing their paperwork for visa. Still I think the rest could have been shorter. We managed to practice thoroughly for nearly two weeks. This time we devoted to get back to the old shape. Of course we didn’t have enough time to get a required level of teamplay. No doubt our preparation is not enough to become the main favorite for the victory in the upcoming tournament. We’re currently practising a loose play style. This is kind of an experiment, which can bring a lot of benefits in thr future but the result here and now can be both absolutely positive, so that we will fight for the trophy in the finals and horribly negative, so that we won’t advance from the group. We take this tournament as the preparation for more ambitious aims, so we want to take as much experience as possible out of it."

About the team’s goals
"Our growth in the game is significant. The job we’ve been doing for a while is bearing fruits now. Our key goal is to get to Major in Poland as one of the contenders for victory. We believe in it and know what to do to achieve the appropriate level of play. The victory over G2 Esports, who were in a great shape, gave a great psychological boost. We went over the barrier of losses to big teams in BO3."

About performance at ESEA Season 25
"I’d like to say few words about current ESEA season. Our start was not that successful and we faced a lot of criticism. The first thing I’d like to point out: this tournament doesn’t give the opportunity to advance to the next season in the ESL Pro League so its importance is getting lower for us. We do not conduct a purposeful preparation for games there and sometimes even try to show a different game, to make our opponents in the big tournaments be at loss while preparing for the game with us. It goes about both the upcoming DreamHack Summer 2017 and Major. That’s why the results at ESEA may be unpredictable. At the same time, I’d like to ask ESL - what for does this tournament exist if it doesn’t provide the opportunity to win the needed slot? If there was the opportunity we would take the position similar to that took and would simply refused the participation. But we don’t like to lose and will try to win as many games as possible."