Having spoken to players from different disciplines, Cybersport tried to unfold the secret of how to become a professional gamer. Abay "HObbit" Khassenov of Gambit CS:GO was among them.

What's the difference between a casual player and a professional one?
I think the difference is that a professional plays not only for pleasure but he always practices and works on self-development. He sacrifices time and many other things to achieve the results.

How to convince your parents that Esports is serious?

I've been playing since my childhood and my parents have always supported me, despite everything. Even when Esports didn't bring any income my parents still believed in me. The point that Esports can be not only a hobby but a job as well got to be clear for them when my team Tengri and me were sent to Saint Petersburg for a boot camp. That was the first time I was offered a contract with salary.

What investments does Esports require?
First of all, you need to buy a good computer, which is capable of supporting at least 150-200 fps. Secondly, you should buy a mouse and headphones and only then think about the Internet. The connection doesn't take the first place as in CS:GO you can also practice with big ping or against bots.

How to find your first team?
I was lucky here. I have a brother who took me in his team and taught me a lot of things. Thanks to him I'm now that person in CS:GO who I am. I was invited to Gambit Esports after I performed well in Tengri.

What’s there to being a pro apart from playing a lot?
I think that a successful gamer should follow a lot of things. Sports, motivation to practice and doing your best. He must prosper in life, so that nothing worries you. You must work on your development not only in the game but outside of it as well. Must be psychologically strong. Actually, you need to work on almost all things as any professional athlete does.

Is it possible to combine Esports and education?
You always need to sacrifice something for success that's why I paused my education for a couple of years. If I have time I will make sure to finish it, I have only one semester left. Actually, it is possible to combine Esports and studies. But because of high ping in Kazakhstan I needed to move to Kiev and I made this step towards my dream.

How to get to a top organization?
For beginners I first of all want to advise patience. It's very difficult to get to a top organization. You need to train a lot, get through many defeats and constantly work on yourself. It may take a couple of years. The main thing you need is determination and work!