Gambit LoL Bot Lane duo, Daniel "Blasting" Kudrin and Edward "EDward" Abgaryan, shared their opinions on an upcoming LCL split and two new champions, as well as talk about their experience of playing together.

It's not a big secret that you wanted to play together in LCL Summer. How so?
EDward: The best players on their roles in CIS must play together and it's not only about me and Blasting, it's about our team in general.
Blasting: Back at the qualifier for IEM Gyeonggi in Paris I liked EDward, as a great, one of the best support in CIS. I was especially surprised with his view toward the game and understanding of a lot of different in-game scenarios.

How important were Edward's cooking skills for choosing him as your support?
Blasting: Obviously the key role (laughing). But to be honest, I enjoy the way he cooks shish kebab. In restaurants they call it "medium rare".

New champions, Xayah and Rakan, have already managed to prove themselves in the competitive scene. What is it they do that attracts professional players?
EDward: Xayah and Rakan are very strong together and are one of the most mobile Bot Lanes. Rakan has good utility, and Xayah - high damage and CC. It's all you need from a Bot Lane duo in the pro scene.
Blasting: Xayah and Rakan have cool synergy, even more they have a lot of CC and damage early on, unreal mobility and a chance to outplay against three enemies.

It's not the first time that you play together as Daniel has already played as a stand-in for Vega Squadron at the qualifier for  IEM Gyeonggi. What was this tournament memorable for?

EDward: During the qualifier for IEM Gyeonggi and the month prior to it I didn't like the way Blasting was playing, but even then I'd already tried to explain him the principles of Bot Lane and each role in general, but he almost always kept his own opinion. Having played with another support, he understood what I wanted to convey to him and wanted to play with me as a result. At the same time his play as a Marksman was becoming more and more appealing to me.
Blasting: As for me this tournament was a fun experience, especially when we went over Saigon Jokers 2:0 during the second day of the qualifier. There were a lot of fights, baits and just cool moments, in a way it resembled LCL Spring 2017 finals.

Which LCL Bot Lanes would you like to measure your strength against?
Edward: I'm almost sure, we won't have tough competition in the Bot Lane, but it's interesting for me to play with each team and understand how strong they are as a unit. And when we meet this/these strong teams for the second time, show that we are better.
Blasting: As for the latest split, neither Bot Lane didn't exert a lot of pressure. The only thing I'd like to mention - the linear style of Skash and Miracle. Even though they didn't play aggressively, they proved that they know what their champions are capable of. This split I personally expect an unreal level of play from Delord, otherwise replacing Archie doesn't make any sense.

VP's Bot Lane consists of your former teammates. How do you evaluate their individual level and their potential by the end of the season?
EDward: P1noy has never been a "hard carry" player, but he can be plugged into a strong team and show a formidable performance. I don't know how much VP has changed. They actually lost one of the most important players.
Blasting: I believe individually Santas doesn't pose a threat. I think VP's Bot Lane success directly depends on their jungler. If Kreox dominates the map, the pressure on the Bot Lane will be thrice as strong.

Although you have played on a pro scene in CIS since 2015, we can surely say that your breakthrough was during the last LCL season: the champion's title, another international experience and fans' acknowledgement. What did you gain for yourself at MSI?
Blasting: Experience at MSI showed me that there are no perfect players, and the main thing - I made sure that each person needs an individual approach. 

Both local and international community refers to you as "LCL Super Team". Does it create any pressure for you or vice versa gives confidence and stimulus?
EDward: We are called "LCL Super Team" only because we have the best players on all positions in our region. Still we need to find out if we are the strongest team, so there is no pressure.
Blasting: To be honest, people can say whatever they want, but a real professional, better to say, a developed personality doesn't take into account public opinion. Whether it is something good or bad, after all no one but you can help yourself.