For the last 10 days Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov has been scouting players for the CIS LoL squad. Whether the team will be successful in 2017 or not depends a lot on how the tryouts will go and who will end up representing Gambit Esports. We talked to Danil to learn more details about this responsible and complicated task.

Hello! Let me ask you a question that bothers many people: how the tryouts are going and in what do they encompass?
Hi! For now we are using a usual scrim format of two three-game blocks per day, playing against various teams. It isn’t easy as you have to play with a team where people barely know each other against more or less stable squads. Also it is difficult to accept the fact that even if you learned something yesterday, you don’t know it today, as you play with a new team. On the other hand, it’s quite interesting in terms of closer communication with a lot of people. It’s something new for an introvert like me (smiles).

How do you assess the candidates? What do you see as a priority?
There are such qualities as adequacy in communication, stress resistance, commitment - it’s easy to note whether someone has it after a couple of unlucky games, and I think that’s the priority for me. There are also such qualities as individual skill, map awareness, etc., which are difficult to assess since some players have just returned to playing after a break and are not in an optimal shape yet. It helps to follow player’s growth throughout his career, study his best and worst games, talk to him and listen to your own intuition as well.

Do you consider signing legionnaires? Do you think language barrier can be an obstacle for team’s development?
To be honest, a question about legionnaires has been on our agenda for a long time. But in the end we came to the decision that if we sign non-Russian speakers, they should be extremely skilled, so that our efforts to overcome the language barrier would be compensated by the skill of those who are the cause of it.

Are there any positions on which you have already decided who you want to see in your team? Which positions are the most competitive?
For now it’s too early to make any decisions, we have to wait for one more week before I make up my mind about a couple of players. It should be easy to guess which position is the most competitive for those who follow competitive scene in CIS - it’s obviously ADC, as we have many good players on that role.

Any words of encouragement for those who haven’t sent their applications yet?
The worst that can happen to you if you apply is to get rejected. But if you get rid of the fear to be rejected, you can achieve a lot. So why not start right now?

We would like to remind you that we still are accepting applications from anyone who wants to join our LCL team. You can read about the detailed requirements here. Send your applications to Tryouts will last until the end of November. Good luck!