We translated a four-minute long segment by LoL Esports Russia, in which Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov, Aleksandr "PvPStejos" Glazkov and Edward "EDward" Abgaryan of Gambit LoL talk about the formation of our current line-up.

Diamondprox: It's already been a year and a half since I've been thinking about what would happen if we remained together in Gambit. When our team disappeared from LCS, groove offered me and EDward to assemble a decent roster and play in Russia. I was curious if EDward wanted to play with me again because I was interested in playing with him, in fact I was just waiting for his possible departure from Vega and reunion with me in Gambit.

EDward: At first I had two options: I could play with Gambit and I could change all the players, apart from Danil of course. And I was thinking a lot, I was constantly speaking with Danil and groove and we agreed upon that a roster with us, Kira, Blasting and PvPStejos would be the strongest possible right now and in the nearest future.

PvPStejos: When you are a strong jungler, why would you change your role? When you change your role it's always a coin flip, I mean what if you don't make it. A person, who is responsible and who doesn't make spontaneous decisions, can't help but to understand that it's always very important and responsible decision to change a role.

EDward: He has already played on Top Lane in the past so it's a familiar territory for him. He doesn't need much time to get used to play there. The only problem was that he wasn't sure whether he would be able to play well at once. He was the only one who was in doubt.

PvPStejos: I'm not sure if EDward described my state properly. I wasn't unconfident of my level of play on top lane, I was unsure if I want to move to top lane. I actually like playing now so that decision wasn’t bad.

EDward: I saw Kira as probably the strongest Mid Laner in CIS but he had such a problem that already in M19 he couldn't show that kind of play he would like to see from himself. And I think PvPStejos himself noticed that it's not Kira from one and a half years ago, but Kira who seems to be tired of playing.

Diamondprox: To be honest, for me as a sentimental person, who's quick to get used to people, it's difficult enough to handle changes in a team. I get used to people and in case I like them it's against my desire to move on without them, but I know that the most important thing in our sport is success and it comes with the best players, so I go over my love for the former teammates and always try to be with the best players around me.

EDward: That thing that everybody says like we have a stellar line-up or we are a dream team, I have a specific attitude towards it, because what's wrong if good players want to play together. So it creates no pressure for me that we are obliged to win. I think that it's adequate that we want to play together and that's why we'll show a good level of play.

PvPStejos: I think that the victories are first of all achieved because of hard work and diligence, not because of the players being famous, so our popularity won't help us to win.