After a victory over Team Just Alpha Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov joined LCL broadcast team for an in-depth interview about the game and Gambit's season overall.

NikSar is the master of general and indefinite answers, but here we have the main brain, analyst and leader, at least as Archie said, of Gambit - Danil "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov. Danil, congrats, 2-0 is a great result, finally we see the performance from you, which everyone expected. Everyone throughout the whole CIS scene is happy. Tell us, what's your view from the leadership position? What has changed?
I think, the thing, which weighed, was that we never stopped to practice even if we had the poor results we still went on practicing. And we trained well, but something was lacking. And this "something" is that Archie brought to our team. The main thing he brought us, as far as I'm concerned, is the feeling of the team, he worked on our team building very well, now we more feel like one team, not as the individual players, and the second thing, he brought discipline. It really came short. We were very abstracted people, not much concentrated on one aim, and his arrival and what he did helped us to make our game more disciplined, not as it was before.

Only a week before the match against Team Just Alpha seemed like still they were strong favorites and you outsiders, you lost to Vaevictis in 20 minutes the last week and now you play much more confident, you stomped them actually so where did this confidence come from? FIRees wins 1v1, you feel much more comfortable as if in the old good times you just run and do what you want. How does it happen so suddenly?
Actually that could have been in our previous game with Just as well, there were some fails with our picks which we didn't think through carefully, I predicted only one option out of two possible, concerning the game of the opponent's jungler, and he played the other one. In this game he sticked to the first option, so he lost Flash and all the pressure on the map, nothing has changed greatly, we've just played as one team and we succeeded with the stomp just because the opponents made more mistakes. In other case that would be an equal game, in which I hope we would outperform them.

Diamond, during Archie's try-outs to your team, he said that you looked for a quality in support that you didn't see in him back then? What qualty was that and did you find it in Xavieles?
That's a tricky question to be honest. That's a controversial question about the try-outs. As there were some mistakes I made, some mistakes while gathering the team and not taking Archie was one of them.

At the beginning of the season seemed like you had only Olaf in your pool, your game on Rek'Sai wasn't successful against the league esquiador, on Graves also poor and this week you made Rengar well and your Kha'Zix was just super.
Actually, I play all the characters which are in meta now, even some which are out of meta, some are better, some are worse, and generally the jungler's success depends more on the way he cooperates with the team, the way team plays around him and he plays around the team. We didn't always succeed in the first games, sometimes we did, sometimes not. Now we succeed more often so our game looks better.

We should also speak a bit about Just's draft. There were a couple of interesting champions, we finally saw Gangplank into Shen, we saw Jarvan from SadJester and all in all it didn't work at all. What are Just doing, they have 0-2 this week. What is happening to them?
I think they have a big problem with their top, who is just banned out, all his strongest champions, and he couldn't split push, Gangplank isn't a split pusher, he is more like a person who wants to survive the laning phase, maybe has a favourable match-ups against someone, mostly he wants team fights, maybe to ult somewhere. That's not the champion for their team, most of the times they won when they just did nothing and their opponents used the teleport to nowhere, from this they took over one tower, and then a split pusher gathered momentum, they took over the towers only thanks to the split pusher. So they won because of the opponnents' mistakes and maybe they now no more make these mistakes and moreover they ban the champions which are comfortable to play on for Just.

Before we switch to the results of the day I have the last question for you. You're not an eccentric person, not an open one, you're very moderate and concentrated on game, but still what emotions do you have during the season? Like you come to CIS and everyone's like "Oh it's Diamond, he'll show us now". And the first week, everything is so horrible and I’m sure you too got a lot of negative comments and there were a lot of pressure. Did you let all these go? How is your psychological state now?
Actually, I won't hide, in this split there were a lot of mood swings. But mostly it's not because someone told something unpleasant about me and about the team, because thanks to the years playing with M5 and Gambit I know that you should not read the comments in case you lost, and even if you win you'd better just look through the comments. Of course people can be right about some of your mistakes in the game, mainly when you win. When you lose, people just tell a mess. Yes, they express their opinion, but when you lose there are a lot of mistakes and they can not notice the main one, but when you win it is more difficult to notice the mistakes. Generally, there were some sad moments during the season, for example, when due to the remake we had to let the won game go, when we didn't play to our best in some games, but we pulled ourselves together, we didn't stop working, we did correct replacements in the line-up, and now we do our best to play as good as possible and I think we succeed so far. And as for my emotional state, I feel very good.