Congratulations on your victory, and generally on you debut, what are your impressions from the game?
It's cool, we won. Actually, it was difficult and as for shot calling, competing with Edward and  Zanzarah. Diamond and me against Edward and Zanzarah. It was quite a tough confrontation, talking about macro game. Laning phase, by the way, went quite smoothly. I would say that we beat them in picks and bans, then we went even in laning phase and got everything we needed, and the most difficult was to finish in macro, because their pick was good in terms of wave clear and we did our best to outplay them. We have a great 18-years-old talent, zoiren, he had a colossal impact, each member did his best, just like 110%. We did it and there is nothing impossible, guys.

Great, do you think they underestimated you as the opponent or just something went wrong for them, or you just were too strong?
Yes, of course underestimation took place. It was like "Gambit makes a desperate step, makes a replacement by the end of the split, they change their foreign support and take me, who didn't come through a single try-out to a single team." So of course everyone is like "Oh, what's that, Archie came and what's gonna change?" Yes, guys, everything will change, I'm telling you. We won. And the atmosphere in the team is absolutely different now. And I think it will improve further. We will see, tomorrow after the game I think it will be more clear what we're capable of.

You've just joined the team. What are your impressions? Maybe something about the practice, games or generally about everything happening?
I came, we started to play 14 hours a day. It was difficult for everyone, no one fully sticked to the schedule, the fourth day we already screamed at each other, we were sitting in the kitchen, discussing how we should speak to each other, we made a huge plan about how we should communicate with each other, we discussed how we approach each other. Like if someone tells you something in an inappropriate way not to take it as something bad, but you should take it as good because I respect you to the point I can tell you anything I think. So we discussed that, fixed the problems and the last day turned out good and fruitful concerning the practic. But I want to notice we've lost all the scrims.

Okay, do you think Gambit will be able to advance from the relegation zone with all these changes?
I'm sure we'll be able to. We do a lot of work and we aren't going to stop.