With the World Championship 2016 beginning on the next week, Riot Games published a timeline of the previous major League of Legends tournaments. And our team, which took part in 2012 and 2013 Championships, was mentioned there as well. We would like to remind you that before the creation of Gambit Esports our team was known as Moscow Five.

"Strong contenders also rose from Europe. Russian squad Moscow 5 exploded onto the scene in 2012 and were among the first to demonstrate the power of teamwork as they racked up achievement after achievement, including championship-winning performances at IEM Kiev and IEM Hanover. Wildly aggressive and innovative, they quickly captured both respect and adoration. They were pegged by many to be the favorite to capture the second World Championship. By contrast, defensive and meticulous play allowed Counter Logic Gaming Europe to play the perfect spoiler to M5.

Despite numerous clashes throughout the year, the rivalry between M5 and CLG.EU was left smoldering and unresolved, as both teams went down in the Semifinals (it's interesting to note that this rivalry concluded the following year, when the teams under the new names of Gambit Gaming and Evil Geniuses faced each other in the Summer Split play-offs. In the fight for the third place and the last spot at Worlds, our team managed to win, finishing the season on a high note - ed. note)."

Alexey "Alex Ich" Ichetovkin:
"We were playing our own playstyle that made League less boring. Our games were always interesting".

We'd like to remind you that in 2012 Moscow Five squad (Alex Ich, Diamondprox, Genja, Darien, Edward) achieved quite a lot:
1st place at IEM Kiev

1st place at IEM World Championship
2nd place at DreamHack Summer
1st place at ECC: Poland
1st place at Season 2 EU Regionals
3rd place at Season 2 World Championship
3rd place at Tales of the Lane
4th place at IPL5

Moreover, Gambit was also briefly mentioned in regards to Worlds 2013: "Despite the competition, Faker and SKT dominated their challengers at the World Championship, ending with a 3-0 sweep of China’s Royal Club in the Final. Their powerful performance concluded a tournament that yielded other priceless memories along the way—from Uzi's fancy footwork on Vayne to Gambit's heroic stand against Samsung Ozone."

Our achievements in 2013:
1st place at IEM Katowice

3rd place at  IEM World Championship
2nd place at MLG Dallas International
5-8th place at Season 3 World Championship
1st place at IEM Cologne