Polish city Katowice hosts the final stage of IEM Season VIII from March 14th to March 16th. A total of eight teams are going to try their best to win the title and $60,000. Four of them, including Gambit Gaming, WE, iG and Millenium, have qualified by winning one of the IEM Season VIII stages, whereas the remaining four were invited. The tournament is broken down into two stages. First of all, there is a group stage with four teams in each group. The group stage features a Double Elimination bracket with two teams advancing to playoffs from every group. Playoffs feature a Single Elimination bracket with BO3 semi-finals and BO5 Grand Final.

VODs, results and schedule:
Group Stage 

Prize pool distribution:
1st South Korea KT Rolster Bullets - $60,000
2nd Europe Fnatic - $30,000
3rd - 4th USA Cloud 9 & Russia Gambit - $14,000
5th - 6th China iG & Taiwan TPA - $8,500
7th - 8th France Millenium & China WE - $7,500

Russia Gambit Gaming: Darien, Diamond, Alex Ich, Genja, Edward
Taiwan Azubu Taipei Assassins: Achie, DinTer, Morning, bebe, Jay
USA Cloud 9:
 Balls, Meteos, Hai, Sneaky, LemonNation 
Europe Fnatic: sOAZ, Cyanide, xPeke, Rekkles, YellOwStaR
China Invictus Gaming: PDD, illuSioN, Zzitai, Kid, Kitties
South Korea KT Rolster Bullets: Leopard, inSec, Ryu, Score, Mafa
France Millenium: kev1n, Araneae, Kerp, Creaton, Jree
China Team WE: CaoMei, Ruo, sukiM, WeiXiao, Conan

Gallery from IEM Katowice 

Gambit Turn TPA's Engage Around
Gambit Turn TPA's Gank Around 
Gambit Forces WE to Surrender
Gambit Ace WE at Dragon

Gambit Genja Does the Job on Varus Again 
Gambit Gaming Turn the Game vs WE Around

Gambit Genja on playing Varus, Rekkles, Gambit in Pyjamas and patch 4.3
Gambit Alex Ich on TPA, LCS structure and coaching
Gambit Diamond on KTB, Lee Sin rework, playing from behind and LCS 
Alex Ich on his time at IEM Katowice
Gambit Darien about facing TPA, getting animated by the crowd and their boot camp

Gambit Gaming received IEM Championship Cup
Diamond and Genja on IEM Katowice

Katowice 2013 Revisited:
Part I
Part II
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Group Stage: 2 groups x 4 teams; Double Elimination - BO1; 2 teams advance
Playoffs: Semifinals - BO3; Grand Final - BO5