What's your opinion on Nuke replacing Inferno?

AdreN: I was obviously sad when I heard that my favourite map is being replaced. I don't think it means that it is removed forever, but is rather reconstructed. I am looking forward to an updated version. As for Nuke, I think it's a great opportunity for many teams to play a bit better. Changes imply that there is food for thought for players with a vivid imagination in terms of tactics.

Dosia: My attitude towards it is negative. Inferno is an easy map where everything is visible and comprehensible. Nuke has a lot of excessive objects and textures, therefore it is hard to know where to look as your attention is dispersed.

mou: In contrast to the way it was perceived by the community, my attitude is positive. I enjoyed playing the old version of the map, but new Nuke is good as well. There are plenty of cool additions: it's worth hihlighting that now you can reach heaven via catwalk from silo. There's room for interesting smokes and fast pushes. We dedicated time to Nuke as soon as we returned to our gaming house in Saint Petersburg.

hooch: I have a difficult history with Inferno. I used to avoid this map before joining Gambit, but I got used to liking it in my new team. But everything comes to end, and we will play an old-new Nuke. To be honest, I enjoy playing new maps, therefore my perception of this change is positive.

spaze: I really like Nuke as a map and I am glad that it replaced Inferno. I have never really liked playing Inferno, since frequently there was nothing going on for a minute or even more. Nuke is convenient and playable now. Previously it was almost impossible to win rounds for terrorists, but it is much easier now. I think you have to play it a lot to get to like it.