What League of Legends content do you enjoy the most?

: Most of all I enjoy quality highlights. In these highlights you can often see how players quickly find an extraordinary way out of the complicated in-game situations, which is the most entertaining thing about League of Legends. Highlight reels have higher concentration of these moments compared to ordinary matches. It's a shame though that the top-quality videos are still worse than the ones WoW had 5+ years ago.

Archie: Speaking about the creative content, I enjoy official cinematics by Riot Games the most. The quality of the animation is high, and it's always interesting to watch champions fighting and interacting with each other outside of the game. Speaking about informative content, I would like to highlight the commentaries of MonteCristo, LCK caster. He knows the game very well, he knows how to present the information in  an understandable way, and also is a very charismatic person.

LeX: Actually, I don't follow League content that much, but it's very interesting to follow cosplayers on LANs, especially female ones .

Fomko: I enjoy quality content, no matter whether it's highlights of competitive matches or fan videos. Also I like cosplays that I see during LAN-tournaments, especially getting to know female cosplayers and asking how they made a costume in exchange for some game knowledge.

BloodFenix: Most of all I like VODs from the tournaments that I couldn't watch. Also I like watching highlights of popular streamers. My favourite Youtube channels are LoL Esports and Nebu.