Dota 2 (patch 7.0) has everything so modernized that it is difficult for professional players and analysts to differentiate the ground at once. What would be your attitude to such fundamental changes in CS:GO? Do you think CS needs it? Next Dota 2 Major is to be held in Kiev, don't you think it's time to arrange the same Counter-Strike tournament in CIS? In which city would you like to see it?

Abay "HObbit" Khassenov: I actually didn't like the new version of Dota 2. Honestly, I'm against any global changes in CS:GO. Maybe I'd welcome some minor innovations and new maps.
Yes, I'm looking forward to the time when CIS will hold that big tournaments and when Esports here will be equally popular as in Europe.

Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev: In comparison to Dota 2, CS:GO is a relatively new game. It still possesses some shortcomings, which developers are trying to minimize. As for dota, there a certain balance was found and it began to wear off. I think it will be just the same with CS:GO in 2-3 years but yet there will be no global changes.
I'd say there've been already kind of big tournaments in CIS. Just to think of StarLadder and EPICENTER. I don't think these championships are ever worse than that Dota 2 Boston Major. The only difference touches upon the prize fund, but it's another story. Dota prize funds depend on spectators, while in CS - on organizers and sponsors.

Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov: I'm completely satisfied with CS:GO modernization process, new things are being added gradually. A lot is changing but it's done carefully, I think that's the best approach. There is no reason to change the game fully at once.
Talking about the tournament, CIS is all in anticipation of CS Major being held here.

Rustem "mou" Telepov: Counter-Strike is modified practically each month. There are always new updates and recently they've been really cool. I hope Valve will continue to please us, though not that sharply as they've recently pleased dota players. Still, a certain transformation of the game should be gradual, not abrupt.
And of course that would be cool if Major was held in Kazakhstan, for example!

Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko: I reckon there is no need for fundamental changes. Guys from Valve seem to have kind of paranoia of a game becoming boring, as if everyone gets used to it and something should be changed all the time. But at the same time the world itself is not standing still, technology does not stand still, everything develops and, of course, there are new games that are cooler. There was time when Counter-Strike 1.6 was cool and everyone enjoyed it, it'd taken more than 10 years at professional stage, now it's time of CS:GO and we understand that sooner or later it'll be substituted with yet another game, maybe new fundamental update, but I think it's not the time. CS:GO is still relevant and it will be like this at least several more years. I do not believe it's time to make global changes here in CS.
Of course I've already heard a lot about Dota 2 Major in Kiev. The news is great. That’s impressive that such a tournament will be held in Kiev and, of course, if there was a possibility to hold Major CS:GO tournament in CIS, I'd like it to be held in Kiev.