Who was your first main in League of Legends?

Betsy: My first main back in Season 2 was Vladimir. I really liked that he did not use Mana as his resource and could be played both Top and Mid – that was really good for SoloQ.

Cabochard: The first champion I really mained was probably Riven. She has such an immense play making ability and great 1v1. I was actually a one-trick pony Riven player back in Season 2. Unfortunately, I had to give up on that when I began to try hard and play competitively.

FORG1VEN: Malphite. When I started playing League I played Top Lane exclusively until level 28. I think Malphite was free when I started playing. He was not a demanding champion by any means and was pretty frustrating to play against :P

Diamondprox: My first champion I really mained was Master Yi. I really liked his ability to dodge pretty much anything with his Alpha Strike and to follow enemy Flashes and dashes with it. Besides, it was the only champion I got a Pentakill with until Season 4.

GoSu Pepper: My first main was Janna. I was mainly playing her Mid and building either AP or AS/AD. She was extremely fun to play. I liked that it was hard to catch me! I was roaming a lot post level 6 with first item Mejai’s or Occult. It was back,  when I was playing on NA server with 250 ping.