Who is the strongest opponent you have faced in a competitive setting?

Diamondprox: I met a lot of strong players in my career, and it's really hard to say, who is the best out of them. A lot of them were noticeable and "the best" at the time we played each other. The hardest were InSec, Froggen and Stanley. First had insane mechanics and good understanding of how jungle works, second was almost unkillable in the Mid lane and solo carrying games, and the third was smart, applied insane amount of pressure in his lane during an entire game, and it was, to be honest, annoying to play against.

FORG1VEN: Tabzz. He is never cocky, he almost never makes miscalculated plays and he is really disciplined in any aspect of the game.

GoSu Pepper: The strongest opponent for me is not a particular player, but rather a team. The old KT Bullets roster we faced at MLG and IEM Katowice. It was always annoying to play against them! The most disgusting team I have ever faced! They were so sneaky and smart in terms of rotations and Baron calls! No hate of course :)

Betsy: KaSing. He puts so much pressure and makes it really hard for me to lane 1v1.

Cabochard: Dumbledoge, because of his amazing Bard mechanics and his ward control. It was overall really tough to try to play around him and his Golden ultimates [experience from scrimmages].