Gambit Weekly #25

Do you think there should be League of Legends Nations Cup? Who would you have on your team if you were its captain?

P1noy: Yes, I think there should be League of Legends Nations Cup, since I think Denmark would be a really strong contender. Roster: Zorozero; Santorin/Svenskeren; Bjergsen; P1noy; Deficio.

Cabochard: I think it would be cool, since there are almost no teams left that represent the same country. Roster: Cabochard; Loulex; Istari; Steelback; YellOwStaR.

Betsy: Yes, it would be cool, but I would make it a European tournament only, since plenty of North American and Asian teams represent a single country already. Roster: Jwaow; Prebot; Betsy; Rekkles; Jree. Coach: YamatoCannon.

Edward & Diamond: We would love to have this tournament just to have a short reunion with our former teammates. Roster: Darien; Diamond; Alex Ich; Genja; Edward.