Gambit Weekly #24

Why did you decide to become a pro gamer?

Diamond: I like to play computer games. I am always trying to be the best at everything I like. Therefore it is a good work for me to have. Also, it is a good step towards what I think is my vocation.

Edward: I did not decide to become a pro gamer – it just happened.

Betsy: I did not decide to become a pro gamer. Gambit asked me to join the team and I agreed. League is my hobby and if you can get a living while doing what you like you should just take it. I really enjoy this game, so why shouldn't I just do it full-time?

Cabochard: After the experience I had received in Tenerife it became clear to me that I want League to be my living. Seeing how nice it way to play in LCS it just became my next goal which I eventually achieved once I turned 17 and completed my high school degree.

P1noy: I have always been a competitor in sports. When I got introduced to Dota in 2008 and found myself becoming pretty good at it I just played a lot and it transitioned into playing League of Legends when it became popular. I was following the competitive scene and therefore becoming a pro gamer and competing at the highest level possible was just a natural dream for me to have.