What's your opinion on Inferno rework?

Rustem "mou" Telepov:
I think it’s a really cool rework: it looks more similar to 1.6, unnecessary hideouts and pillars got removed. I hope that Valve will remove Nuke soon and will give Inferno back to us!

Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev: Given that Inferno has always been one of my favourite maps, I am glad it got reworked! I really hope that it will return to the competitive pool. Right now the map is much cleaner: unnecessary walls and pillars got removed. There are options for new strategies. I already have a couple of ideas. All in all, it’s time to wait and hope!

Mikhail "Dosia" Stolyarov: I like new Inferno. It’s more simple: all garbage was removed from the map, it’s pleasant that a room no one cared about was removed from long halls. Hopefully, soon we’ll be able to play Inferno at tournaments.

Abay "HObbit" Khassenov: I love Inferno, that’s a map I deeply care about since 1.6, though I feel the same way about Nuke. In CS:GO it was fine even before a rework, whereas right now it is simply outstanding. Hopefully, it will be finished soon and will return to the active duty map pool.

Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko: Sorry guys, but I was busy moving to our boot camp. Didn’t have enough time to check new Inferno out, but I am more than sure that it’s really cool. As soon as I have time, I will gladly share my thoughts on it.